We are proud to announce that Jewels Transportation, Inc. is now a US Customs Bonded Carrier.
Newark, NJ, February 28, 2012:

Jewels Transportation, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been approved by United States Customs/ Homeland Security to be a Bonded Common Carrier.

With this, we will are authorized to handle all freight prior to customs clearance and between Free Trade Zones (FTZ).

Should you have any need for this service or would like additional information, please feel free to call. As always, we welcome your feedback and any suggestions as to what new services may be helpful in handling your business.

It has taken quite a while to clear all of the hurdles for US Customs bonding, but it was effort we feel strongly will be beneficial to many of our customers. We will continue to serve our customers with the value and integrity that they have come to expect from our team.

If you need our US Customs Bond Number for a shipment, please call. For security reasons, we do not publish the number on our web site.